She turned over each peach testing for ripeness and looking for bruises. She was very selective in the ones she put in her basket.

The Alien

He couldn’t identify the creature and he was positive he saw an alien as he peered into the murky swamp. His friend who had been beside him had already fled and he could hear his foot steps disappear down the path behind him. But he was frozen in fear as the “alien” started coming toward him, then he started to laugh as the moonlight hit the alien revealing a mud covered beaver carrying a large branch with leaves. Rediscovered a favorite song of mine when I was younger

I am going to stick my neck out and say I do not like things around my neck. I remember a time growing up when turtlenecks were in vogue and I tried to wear them, but after a short time I gave up. I just felt too uncomfortable. It is the same with scarves, although I still occasionally buy one because I love how they look.

If I am able to complete microblogvember, I will be very proud of myself. I am very good at starting things it is the finishing that I have a problem with.

I after moving for the upteenth time, I did some calculating. My husband and \I have been married thirty-four years and we have moved eight times. I hope this time we will stay where we are untill my husband retires. However I have the feeling my hope maybe dashed.

Snow on Window

I think touch is the most personal of the all the senses, it is the one other then taste which involves direct contact with the body. It is different than taste in that taste only involves the tongue and the nose. Touch involves the whole body.

Sadly, she realized after looking at the packed car, that she had forgotten her own suitcase and there was no space for it.

I am sitting watching football and my feet are cold, I need to buy some slippers. Winter arrives early in upper New York State

I just tried to watch the second episode of See and I was either bored or cringing when the “Queen” starts talking. I have no desire to finish the series other than the need to finish it

Growing up I remember lying in the back of the family station wagon and looking up at the night sky, searching for the Big Dipper and trying to follow the North Star.

Currently reading: A Boy His Dog at the End of the World by C.A. Fletcher 📚

I went down the Jet Pen website hole this morning and now I want to buy a planner that I don’t need. Please send help.

When I was growing up I use to cover my eyes when the witch was chasing Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow around the Tin Man around the tower and her face filled the screen because it was very frightening to me.

⁃   There is no bigger lie ever said than “sticks and stone may break your bones, but words will never hurt me.” Being hit with a stick hurt’s for that moment. Hurtful words can stick with someone and affect them for a lifetime. 

Growing up we would play games and ride our bikes up and down the street where I lived. Yelling and laughing all day, until the evening lights came on and our mothers called us home.

It had been years, but the mean words said to her in the school yard still laid in the back of her brain sending negative messages, long after they should have been forgotten.

She smiled and danced in front of the mirror as she held the hem of her fancy red dress.

The old man absentmindedly marked the ground with his cane. He looked up at the dirty face boy talking in front of him. “Mark my words, grandpa I’m going to make my mark on the world I promise.” The old man smiled as he tossed the boy’s hair knowingly as he wondered who he was.

Just in Case

I found a key today. I do not know what it is for, should I keep it or toss it away. If I keep it I will probably never use it. But if I toss it I am sure I will need it some day. I found a key it maybe important so I will keep it just in case #mbnov

Why can’t you search emojis on the iOs apple keyboard?

Updating Headphones

Of course because I have impeccable timing I purchased the Sony WH-1000XM3 last week, so the AirPods pro are a no go for

Apple AirPods Pro Coming Oct. 30 with Active Cancelling for $249

Sunrise over Lake Erie taken by my husband