White Macbook in the wild.πŸ“·. I did a double take when I saw it. I had not seen one of them in awhile

Whenever I see articles about ATT 5GE. I picture an Ape being labeled as a evolving human. You can label him anything you want but he is still an Ape arstechnica.com

AT&T’s β€œ5G E” is actually slower than Verizon and T-Mobile 4G, study finds

Just finished watching the HBO documentary on Thernos, it is a documentary worth watching as a lesson on the relationship between a true believer and the truth

We went to Sara’s Restaurant a traditional American restaurant. I love the food there, but for some reason the dinner came with both rice and a bake potato. I love both but I really don’t need that much starch in one meal.

Interesting article about the danger of wanting moregetpocket.com

The Disease of More - Mark Manson - Pocket

I missed you guys, I’ve been trying to install twiddly wiki following @joshsullivans excellent instructions creating online TiddlyWiki

An early St Patrick Day dinner with cornbeef, cabbage,carrots and potatoes.πŸ“·


Mournful Day

Not a Good Night Sleep

Last night I stayed up late around 12:45 and finish listening to my audiblebook. Then I went to brush my teeth and I dropped the toothbrush into the sink. The plug from the sink had been removed. I am sure you can guess what happened next, yep the toothbrush goes down the drain. I spent the next twenty minutes trying to fish the tooth brush out using the wired end of a fly swatter. I was finally successful πŸŽ‰ yea. I went to bed but made the mistake of looking at Twitter and saw the horrible news coming out of Christ Church, New Zealand. Leaving my mind racing from one thing to another until I finally feel into a restless sleep around 2:00 AM