Does anyone else pack a week before a trip and then realize they have been caught in the “but I might need X” trap. So you unpack and repack at least two more times before you get it right.

Discovered this site which attempts to visualize various events and things When Sea Levels Attack! β€” Information is Beautiful

I found a baggie full of CD Covers that I had kept after getting rid of the cds. I am not sure why I am keeping them, but I can’t throw them away. Maybe because they represent my music history and how it changed over time.

Checked in at Walgreens

Checked in at The Fresh Market

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interesting article on the history of women in coding and programming. How they were once dominate in programming and coding and how that changed > The Secret History of Women in Coding…

I use a combination of Together with Aperture for some of my feeds. The problem is I keep getting old articles in my feeds. Is anyone else having this problem?