Google Search getting redesign on mobile - Android Authority. I like that they moved the Ad indicator to the top, but I wish they had left the green box around it.

This is Soon Dubu Jijjigae a Korean soup with soft tofu, clams, zucchini and mushrooms. It is very spicy and it was so hot that when it came it was bubbling. It was excellent

Today’s Breakfast 📸

Listening to Remembering Patsy Cline, because it is that kind of Monday

Check out Remembering Patsy Cline” by Various artists on Amazon Music

Finished reading: The Woman in White📚 by Wikie Collins 📚

Currently at my favorite coffee shop Mocha Lounge with a broken iPad holder. 😱

Porterhouse Steak 🐂🥩

Too Many Places

Too Many Places I am listening Core Int 372 and @manton was talking about people asking for support in multiple places. I think sometimes the reason this happens is because the person can not figure out where the question belongs, is it a Slack question or a Twitter question. Then the brain goes, “what if they taken a Slack or Twitter break and they will not see my question for days I better send an email. Oh the heck with it I am just going to send the question everywhere so I am sure they will see it.”. Logically this makes no sense, but people aren’t very logical especially when they are under stress.

Watched Grass is Greener, about how the criminalization of marijuana was and is related to racism worth watching

Check out “Grass Is Greener” on Netflix

Does anyone here crochet. I have decided to learn and was wondering what yard is best for a beginner? I do have needle I picked up as part of a beginner pack, but I don’t know it size. Tia🧶