Cricket Snacks

  • Crisp mornings, leaves turning.
  • Painted faces shouting War Eagle vs Roll Tide.
  • Happy Valley stiring from it’s summer slummer.
  • Time to dot the I in Ohio.
  • Nothing is impossible, College Football Season is begining

Steak Sub at Ollie’s Pizza πŸ•

Whoever suggested Soundscapes-Birdsongs, thank you I have listen to the first episode and I am hooked

I just re-joined SmugMug and I am looking for people to follow. So if you have a public account and want a new follower let me know. tia

Can't Log into Flickr

Decided to sign into my Flickr account. Logged into Yahoo and then they sent me to a page to enter a new flickr password. Enter my email address and new password hit the enter button to go to step 3…and nothing. It is stuck at step 2, tried multiple browser the same thing. Has anyone else had this problem and how did they fix it?

If you are looking for a Horror/Action Adventure, I would like to recommend Kingdom on Netflix.πŸ“Ί

Putting on brand new underwear is one of the greatest simple pleasures in life.

Note to self, it is important to make sure the cartridge is properly connected before attempting to use a fountain pen

I am currently using Sparks as my email client on my iPad, which is on Public Beta. I noticed this morning that when I wanted to add a email to Notes. Share to Note is no longer available. I am hoping this is a temporary thing, because i need it.