This AM I decided I needed to try to organize my iOs shortcuts, because I have a lot. (I blame this on @rosemaryorchard, @macsparky and @vittici.) Because Apple in its all knowing wisdom doesn’t allow you to create folders, I am doing it by color. How do you organize shortcuts?

NY Giant Fan Cheering for the Eagles

I am a NY Giants fan and have been for 50 years, so in good times and bad. This year has definitely been bad. No bad is not the word, maybe awful, futile, aggravating, a disaster. The reason I became a Giants fan was because my brother was a Cowboy fan. Which lead to my decision on tonights MNF game, I am hoping the Eagles win, because I rather have them in the playoffs than the Cowboys. Actually no one in the NFC East deserves to be in the playoff, but one of them has to be.

Johnny Walker Red

I have to admit I have never been good at tagging. I either feel like I am not using enough tags or too many. However I did find this article on how tagging has changed interesting. Thanks @jeremycherfas for posting it.

You have $25 to spend on a bottle of whiskey 🥃 (or whiskey) what would you buy?

I have discovered the hard way that Apple Music really doesn’t like compilation albums. It list each song as a different album 🤦‍♀️

I am trying to use up the notebooks I already have before buying new ones, it is really hard to do, failure is a real possibility.

Thanks @macgenie for setting up and doing #microblogvember it was fun to participate. Everyone who is still working on it, you can do it!

History shows that when two companies come together one of the hardest things to do is to integrate the two cultures together.

I spent last week binge watching Star War Rebels it was fantastic I really enjoyed both the storyline and the characters, especially the character Agent Callus.

I have never owned a piece of property in my life and I probably never will. It is not something that I aspire to own.

Thanksgiving Dinner

This is definitely me

I am rich because of my family and friends, not because of the number of dollars I have in my bank account.

As she was was about to put the cake mix into the pan, she paused because she could not remember if she had added the baking powder to the mixture. Then she continued fingers cross that she had.

The older I become the more secure I am in who I am. Although there are days or times when the insecure junior high me shows up in my mind and I have to remind it that it is ok.

The word company has a lot of different meanings: people who come to visit, another name for a business, or the people you hang with. The Pig Song by Jim Croce is an example of how the company you hang with tells people alot about you.

The stray dog stood in the rain barking and looking woebegone.

The hum of the bees and the smell of the flowers made the young bear happy, because he knew it meant honey was not far away.

Once when he was younger he had believed in promises, now the politician’s promises rang hollow in the old man’s ear as he sat arms crossed in the back of the room listening to the speech.

For the second time in a week, I almost lost my gloves. I am seriously thinking of pinning them to my coat like my mother did when I was six.

As he stood in the trench under a barrage the young soldiers, prayed the shelling would abate. But he also feared its ending because he knew there would be an eerie moment of silence which would be broken by the sound of a whistle and they would go over the top into no man’s land.

Watched The Sword in the Stone on Disney+ on Sunday. It was a movie that I had a fond memory of. Fortunately my memory was not disappointed. I did find the warning on the initial screen that there was tobacco use, slightly amusing. I wonder how many people especially parents find this warning useful or important?

Childhood Winter Memories

My father was the principal of the local elementary school. So when it snowed we were among the first to know that school was closed. As a child I loved waking up in the morning and hearing that school was cancelled. We would get all dressed up in winter coats, snow-pants, boots and mittens. We would play for hours in the snow. We would go sledding and build snowmen. Sometimes we would build snow forts and have snowball fights. It is funny how the same event, snow, that makes us groan as an adult, made us laugh and find joy as a child.

The trucker sat at the dinner counter, eating a cherry pie and drinking some coffee. “Is everything ok, asked the waitress? “The coffee is good, but this cherry pie is superb answered the trucker smiling.