Please help me, I am rewatching Call the Midwife and I am running out of tissues.

A robin came yesterday and sat upon my balcony. He cocked his head, said hello and slowy flew away.

Some time a long time a go, (ok maybe not that long a go) a girl was born, This girl would grow up to be kind,funny and hardworking not to mention a lover of guinea pigs. Happy Birthday @macgenie ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

Help! iOs/Apple TV users. I have started to send Overcast to my Apple TV, which works great. The problem is when I open any tab in a browser that has a video on it, it interrupts Overcast and starts playing on the Apple TV. Is there a way to stop this?

As a fairly new fan of F1. I have found this year’s races a little too predictable. I am not a Mercedes hater, but I have to admit I am headed down that path, mostly because I want the races to be more unpredictable. Mercedes constantly being on the top of the podium, maybe great for Mercedes but I am not sure how great it is for the Formula 1.๐ŸŽ

Note to self โ€œdo not make spagetti while in the fasting part of Intermittent Fasting this is not a good ideaโ€

Iโ€™ve went on Twitter for five minutes and now my neck is stiff and I feel like either punching someone or crying, I am not sure which but I had to get off so I could breath normally. Fever

Watched the final episode of this season’s Project Runway, I am happy with who won. Is there anyone else who is a fan. Although I do miss Tim Gunn.

Juno-Kay Tse

I canโ€™t find who recommended listening to this song to see if anyone who didnโ€™t speak the language could recognize the two voices singing one after the other. But I would like to thank them, I really enjoyed listening to the song and how the two voices blended together, yet remained seperate even though I didnโ€™t understand what they were saying