Discovering Our New Place

Well we are in our new place in a town called North East, Pa just north of Erie Pa right on Lake Erie. For those of you who are geographically challenge ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ that is the most north west part of Pennsylvania, so the name makes no sense. The town has a coffee shop, several wineries and a place that makes beer. At home i am surround by stuff all over everywhere, although i am almost finished emptying boxes. Starting to feel less over whelmed

Did you ever notice when you move how on the first couple of days, you pack everything really carefully and label things and put like things in the same box. By the last day of packing you are like yeah that fits in that box, no I don’t care its a pot and the box is labeled bedroom.

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Why do companies say you can stop service online and then after you fill out all the information they make you call them anyway. Yeah Iโ€™m looking at you Xfinity๐Ÿ˜ก

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Good news on the moving front. We got an apartment and we can move in on October 15, so no having to store things. Yeah! Now we just have to deal with moving day. Thanks for all the good thoughts @smokey, @macgenie , @kitt and @bruce

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Stress level here is 10 out of 10, we are moving and need to be out of our apartment by the 15th of Oct and we don’t have a place to move into until November 15. Which means storing our items. Good thoughts would be appreciated

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Itโ€™s Oct 1 I should be deciding whether to wear a lite jacket or a lite sweater, not wether I should wear the blue shorts or green shorts๐Ÿง

Seafood Stew

NetNewsWire: NetNewsWire 5.0.3b1 @brentsimmons thank you for adding the ability to star an article using the keyboard shortcut. I so much appreciate it and all your hard work.

Help! I have a new WiFi only series 5 40โ€ Apple Watch and it is already at 30% at is only 12:30 and I took it off charger at 8:30

Hooked on Whats Golf

Alright I am hooked on Whats Golf on the Apple Arcade. I started to play it first on the Apple TV and I was completely confused and hated it. But then I started playing it on my iphone and I was hooked, because I figured out how to play it. Now I have to set a timer to remind me to stop playing it.

Apple Watch Series 5 Space Grey Aluminum Case with Alaskan Blue Sport Loop

Just drank: Cinnamon Honey Infused Latte

Anyone else who is using the Spark email client on iPhone ios 13, having the problem where when you swipe from one email to the next you are getting the same email again?

This is very confused soda, it doesnโ€™t know if it is ginger or root beer. The combination is not good, not good at all

Saw the Downton Abbey if you are a fan of the series I recommend it. Takes up where the series left off

Morning All