Tonight my husband and I started a yearly tradition sitting down on Friday night and watching the latest episode of Top Chef Is anyone else a fan?

Talking to my iPad. Um iPad I have no accessory attached to you other than the keyboard, which is the same one I have been using for the past 16 months. So could you stop sending me this message and while your at it could you stop making pinging noises every 10 seconds. Thankyou

Do They Know it 2018?

I was listening to Mac Power Users episode 459 My Life is a Subscription and one of the apps they talked about that interested me was Bobby This is an app that helps you keep track of your subscriptions, which is something I have needed to do for a while. While adding my subscriptions to Bobby, I realized I had subscribed to the Wall Street Journal, when they were having a special $1.00 for two months. Those two months are running out and I realized I was about to be billed $35 for a newspaper that I was not reading. I went to cancel the subscription and this being 2018 I went to my account on the Wall Street Journal website to do it. No such luck, the only way to cancel your Wall Street Journal subscription is to call them. This is where bad words start running thru my brain and I worked my way up to calling them. I have to admit that it was fairly painless and only took about five minutes to complete. However, having to call to cancel something I signed up for online is one of my pet peeves, I know why they do it, but that does not mean I have to like it.

Sadly I think this wonderful tradition may end with the present administration, I hope I am wrong but fear I will not be

Bush’s Letter to Clinton Cemented a Presidential Tradition, Historians Say

Finished reading: We Band of Angels The Untold Story of the American Women Trapped on Bataan by Elizabeth M Norman 📚

Noticing a lot more same sex couples on holiday ads this year. Then I realize I was noticing them. Hoping some day I and everyone will not notice them anymore than we notice different sex couples

Another disappointing day as a Giants fan. Winning has been a illusion for the Giants this year. They come close and then it is snatched away from them or they give it away. I am an Eli Manning fan, but it is time for him to retire at the end of the season, to make room for the future

Finished my Black Friday shopping and I can proudly say that I actually brought gifts that I think my husband will appreciate and not things I would appreciate. Which is a bad habit I have. He is difficult to buy for because he saves gifts for later or someday

Show Me What is Being Taught

Someday I hope to attend an IndieWebCamp, but currenty I can only watch various secessions from afar on YouTube. However, I was frustrated watching a video from IndieWebCamp Berlin because I could not see what they were talking about. I am a visual learner, so I need to see as well as hear.

I am currently learning JavaScript using Codeacademy I am only at 18% completed, but I have learned at least two things. The first is that details matter and second single quotes ‘ are a pain

Realizing that “reading” a real long book on Audible has the advantage of saving up credits as I impatiently wait for new credits to be added.

I am trying to learn JavaScript using CodeAcademyand I am doing pretty good with the lessons, however right now I feel like I’m doing it but not getting it yet. I am hoping it will come together in my head by the end.

Dealing with Popup Problem

Today I was Googling something on Firefox and I hit a website with a popup that says it is from Amazon and you may have won X. I will never click ok on a popup like this. But I couldn’t close the website no matter what I tried. Finally I went to the iPad Home screen and flicked Firefox away. To make sure that website doesn’t show up when you re-open Firefox, go to Settings and scroll down to Firefox and click on skip secession restore. Now when you reopen Firefox it will be a completely new secession.