If you don’t think you are an audio snob, try listening to an episode of a podcast from seven years ago πŸ™‰

Turning a Feather into a Pen Fellow pen lovers, writers and history buffs, this a interesting video about the making of a quill pen.

Moon Landing Playlist on Google Play Music

Started to watch Morocco Love in Times of Warat around 20:00 last night finally stopped saying one more episode around 0:30 AM.

I would like to report it was a difficult battle but I was victorious over the fly in my bedroom, but I suspect the war will continue πŸŽ‰

Does anyone know of a central website for shared iOs shortcuts. I have been messing around with them and do better if I have a outline and then make changes to fit my needs @rosemaryorchard

Daring Fireball: Zoom Is Disturbingly Dangerous Software Read the linked article if you use Zoom or have installed it on your Mac this is scary business

It’s Never Going to be Perfect So Just get it Done

My Google Pixel 2 phone will not charge and our cast iron frying pan broke while my husband was removing it from the stove. So how everyone elses Friday going

Currently reading: Sundown Towns by James W Loewen πŸ“š