I am currently learning JavaScript using Codeacademy I am only at 18% completed, but I have learned at least two things. The first is that details matter and second single quotes ‘ are a pain

Realizing that “reading” a real long book on Audible has the advantage of saving up credits as I impatiently wait for new credits to be added.

I am trying to learn JavaScript using CodeAcademyand I am doing pretty good with the lessons, however right now I feel like I’m doing it but not getting it yet. I am hoping it will come together in my head by the end.

Dealing with Popup Problem

Today I was Googling something on Firefox and I hit a website with a popup that says it is from Amazon and you may have won X. I will never click ok on a popup like this. But I couldn’t close the website no matter what I tried. Finally I went to the iPad Home screen and flicked Firefox away. To make sure that website doesn’t show up when you re-open Firefox, go to Settings and scroll down to Firefox and click on skip secession restore. Now when you reopen Firefox it will be a completely new secession.

Coco Puffs

[@mandaris](https://micro.blog/mandaris) About every six months I buy a box of Coco Puffs and when my husband gives me that look, I tell him “yes I am six years old, deal with it “

Caught the last 10 minutes of Casablanca on TCM last night and realized that some of the best movie quotes are all in one scene 74C5E945-A43B-4FF9-9FB1-EFEE22094A4A.jpg

Felt extra energetic today so I started to cook. I made spaghetti, meatloaf, a pork roast and pulled pork. The pulled pork will be mixed with sauerkraut for one dish and tomatoes, tomatillo salsa, and cilantro for another dish. So I have enough cooked for this week and next week. We had the meatloaf tonight with bake potato and brocille and yes it was good.

OK I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is I think I lost my airpods.The good news is I found my favorite Lamy pen after losing it for about two months. It was sitting on the ledge of the hatchback of my car.

Finished watching and enjoying Star Trek: Discovery. I then decided to watch the After Star Trek episodes but quit after about five minutes because the host has too be the most irritating person to listen to. He is trying way too hard to be clever and funny I am wondering if the episodes are worth watching despite him or not.

Spent most of yesterday recovering from watching the baseball marathon from the night before, although I missed the ending but I thought correctly that the Red Sox had used up their chances and the Dodgers were going to win. After watching all five games I have a couple of thoughts. The first is that the when their is a runner on base, the Dodgers are under constant pressure that the runner might go at any time, the Red Sox pitchers are under no such pressure. Small ball is still alive and it lives in Boston. Like whack a mole, if you shut down one part of the Red Sox line up and another part will take over.

I would like to propose these changes to Major League Baseball, with the full knowledge that they will never happen

  • All starting pitchers must pitch at least six innings with the following exceptions: injuries or the opposing team is ahead by five or more runs
  • Any relief pitcher must pitch to at least three batters unless they are injured

Babe Ruth pitched 13 innings in the 1916 World Series, yet for some reason these announcers think that a pitcher can’t possibly pitch one inning one night and then pitch one day later 🤦

Hobonichi A6 Techno arrived yesterday from Jet Pens. Now I just have to wait a little over two months before I can use it 😳 3BF0B8C5-9EFE-4042-9906-43DF3379BFB0.jpg