Pine Trees in Snow

I love walking into a room smelling of oranges

I’m listening to Once In A Lifetime (Live 1984) by Talking Heads on Pandora

The 2010 Decade a Time to say Goodbye and Hello In the past decade I said goodbye for the final time to my mother and three Uncles and hello to a great-niece. Sometimes filled with sadness and sometimes with joy the circle of life goes on

My Mother Jean Losey 1928-2014Russell Losey 1931-2018, Harry Losey 1929-2019 and Earl Losey 1925-2019

These are gifts that anyone can give no matter their traditions or beliefs

I made some Chocolate and Walnut Cookies this morning. I am much better at eating cookies than making them. I am not good at following directions precisely, I guess it’s the rebel in me

If you are moving or rearranging furniture and you have to take things apart, this Eklind hex tool is my favorite tool to have. I Highly recommend it. It is available on Amazon

Visit From Santa

Johnny Walker Red

Thanksgiving Dinner

This is definitely me

Morning on Rails to Trails Outside Mayville, NY by T. Landwehr

Snow on Window

Updating Headphones

Sunrise over Lake Erie taken by my husband

Autumn Walk To Town Center

Casualties of a Move

Discovering Our New Place

Well we are in our new place in a town called North East, Pa just north of Erie Pa right on Lake Erie. For those of you who are geographically challenge πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ that is the most north west part of Pennsylvania, so the name makes no sense. The town has a coffee shop, several wineries and a place that makes beer. At home i am surround by stuff all over everywhere, although i am almost finished emptying boxes. Starting to feel less over whelmed

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