I have to admit I have never been good at tagging. I either feel like I am not using enough tags or too many. However I did find this article on how tagging has changed interesting. Thanks @jeremycherfas for posting it.

Does anyone know of a central website for shared iOs shortcuts. I have been messing around with them and do better if I have a outline and then make changes to fit my needs @rosemaryorchard

So base on my reading of this article we need to win the 5G race because it is a race and we need to win it. Why, who knows! [Wait, why the hell is the β€˜race to 5G’ even a race? - The Verge(https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/23/18637213/5g-race-us-leadership-china-fcc-lte)

I use a combination of Together with Aperture for some of my feeds. The problem is I keep getting old articles in my feeds. Is anyone else having this problem?

Android Not Connecting to Wifi

Last week I started to notice that connecting to websites had gotten slow on my Google Pixel 2 phone and it kept getting worse over time. Finally, yesterday it would not connect at all. At the same time both my iPads connected normally. These are the steps I did in my attempt to get it reconnected. If you are having this problem I recommend reading all steps before proceeding

- Shut Wifi on the phone off and on
- Shut the phone off and on
- Forget Wifi-setting on phone
- Turn the router off and on 
- Factory Reset the phone
- Reset the router

None of the first five steps made a permanent difference. Resetting the router has worked and now my Pixel 2 is now connecting to the internet fine.