The Flavor of Youth is anime anthology consisting of three stories which are only connected by the fact that they are about stories of memories, lost and regret. My favorite story was the first one, except after watching it I wanted a bowl of ramen noodles.

Check out “Flavors of Youth: International Version” on Netflix

Way to ruin a great race Formula One🏎🤬

Interesting article on how people who have extreme political beliefs tend to be more confident in those beliefs then others with less extreme beliefs. Why it is so hard to convince someone with radical beliefs they are wrong

That moment when you keep pulling down on your timeline trying to get it to load, then you realize you are looking at your favorites 🤦‍♀️

Chernobyl-Watch it

Just finished watching the Chernobyl series of HBO and I highly recommend it. I don’t recommend binge watching it, however, you will need to have time to breath after each episode. I will also admit that my fast foward ability was strong when it came to the scene with the dogs. I want to write more but I can’t without spoiling things so I will stop now. Just watch it if you get HBO 🎦

The Shrink Next I am not sure who recommended this podcast/episode, but I would like to thank him or her because, unlike some podcast I listen to this one I really listen to, it was engrossing from the begining.

I am going to have to get into Minecraft that looked really cool

Translating all the info given on the new display, it is really cool and powerful WWDC

ok finally true multitasking on ipad. Yeah #WWDC

Ok the random email address is a great step forward. #WWDC