I have had my iPhone XR for two day’s now and I am happy with it. The biggest problem I have had is that my JBL Bluetooth speaker I use in the shower will not connect. So l may be getting a new shower speaker.

Plumbago Magazine

A Visualization of the U.S. Economy from 1861-1935. The original story I read was on Kottke. Each time I look at I am finding something different.

Waiting! Waiting for my iPhone Xr to come. Waiting for Arcade on Apple TV to come. Waiting!

Helping Apples Bottom Line

Ok I have finished doing my part to help with Apple’s bottom line. I have been using the Google Pixel the past year, it is a good phone and there is nothing wrong with it and I would recommend it to anyone who is in the Windows world or uses a Chromebook as their main computer. However I have a Mac Mini and an iPad, which made the Google Pixel feel like a third wheel. Plus I know this sounds silly to some people, but I really missed using my Apple Watch. So I decided to go back to an iphone. After deciding that the iPhone Pro was not within my budget. I took a look at the iPhone 11, but I really did not like any of the colors. Because I use a clear case the color would bother me the whole time I had the phone. This left the iPhone XR with its bright colors which I ended up purchasing in bright canary yellow. As I said early I really liked my Apple Watch, but the one I own is a series 2, which I needed to update. I purchased a 40” series 5 Apple Watch with an Alaskan Blue Sports Loop. The iPhone XR will arrive sometime this week and the watch between the 3rd and 7th of October I can’t wait to get both of them.

I liked Neelix

I just finished watching all seven seasons of Star Trek Voyager, using the episode list recommended by @macgenie. I really enjoyed the series and proof of this is there were several nights when I had to tell my self to go to bed, that the show would be there tomorrow. A couple of general thoughts on the series. The first it took awhile for the characters to find themselves and their place, I think this was especially true of Janeway. Second my favorite episodes tended to be ones with a moral question involved. Third I found the final episode disappointing especially the end, which seemed very abrupt. My least favorite character overall was Tom Paris. I liked the Doctor as a character but I thought he was over used at times. Finally I liked Neelix and actually had tears in my eyes when he departed the ship in the Homestead. Below are my eleven favorite episodes in no particular order.

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I forgot how much I liked The Cars, sadly it took the death of the lead singer Ric Ocasek to remind me music.apple.com

Wow!! Great game between Norwich vs Manchester City ⚽️

100 Best Notebooks and Notepads 2019 nymag.com I found this ranking interesting, mostly because they ranked some notebooks I never heard of, but they also miss some notebooks I have. Wondering what others think of the rankings

HP 41C Scientific Calculator

I think I’ve walked back from the iPhone pro ledge and back to the land of iPhone 11. Because the practical part of me realizes that I don’t need the pro, however the but I want it part of me may still win. The fight continues.

Apple Eventis on Tuesday and I don’t want to know what is coming. I don’t want to check all the closets and under the bed. I don’t want to shake the boxes and peak under the paper. I want to be surprised on Tuesday.

Jean MacDonald: micro.welltempered.net/2019/09/0… @macgenie it is good to see you smiling. This too will pass and soon you will just have a great tale to tell

inessential: NetNewsWire 5 Feature Requests

Love the update from NetNewsWire. Good job at keeping everyone up to date. @brentsimmons

I am looking for recommendations for a bluetooth keyboard that can easily switch from one device to another, ie from iPad to Mac and back. So I can stop playing the switching keyboard games

Wondering if anyone who is using Overcast having a problem with it just stopping playing and if you have had the problem, do you know a fix

Banchan (Korean Side Dishes) and Ojiinguh Dolsot Bimbimbap from Seoul Kitchen

Replacing Monitor Time

I had one of those, oh no not this! moments this morning when I turned on my monitor and nothing. I could see a notification in the corner, but the rest of the screen was dark grey. Fortunately switching to a different HDMI input seemed to fix the problem. However it is a reminder it is time start looking into replacing my monitor. The fact it also has a DVI connection available, maybe another sign. Now comes the research to find the best monitor at a reasonable price.

Pork and Tomatillos 🌮

I realized as I was making dinner for this evening, that the bunch of cilantro I grabbed was actually a bunch of parsley.

Cricket Snacks

  • Crisp mornings, leaves turning.
  • Painted faces shouting War Eagle vs Roll Tide.
  • Happy Valley stiring from it’s summer slummer.
  • Time to dot the I in Ohio.
  • Nothing is impossible, College Football Season is begining

Steak Sub at Ollie’s Pizza 🍕

Whoever suggested Soundscapes-Birdsongs, thank you I have listen to the first episode and I am hooked

I just re-joined SmugMug and I am looking for people to follow. So if you have a public account and want a new follower let me know. tia