The Fitzgerald collision is a story of a lack of proper training, proper manpower, proper repairs, but not a lack of courage

The Inside Story of an American Warship Doomed by Its Own Navy

Watching the Man City vs Chelsea and I think that Chelsea forgot there was a game ⚽️.

Just finished watching Won’t You be My Neighbor documentary and yes I was crying Γ t the end. It was a reminder that being kind and polite is not a sign of weakness but strength

Trying Kumquats. My husband says we had them before, but I did not remember 95873648-F590-40A4-B479-D52762558EF1.jpg

At 6 pm this evening when I got home from dinner it was 60 degrees according to my chromecast. Currently at 8:45 PM it is 36 degrees. That is a drop of almost 30 degrees in less than three hours 😯🌑️😱

Today’s breakfast

Ramen noodles in spicy broth with arugula and face up hardboiled egg

Can I just say that batting an egg to prevent it from rolling off a counter is not a good saving method especially if a wall is involved. (Experience is the Best Teacher)

I Missed You Guys and Gals

I have spent the last three days down with the flu. I had absolutely no energy all I wanted to do was sleep. I also had no appetite, the only thing I had to eat was a few crackers and some broth. Imagine being dragged out of bed loaded with a 100 pound ruck sack and made to march quick time for 10 miles and then being forced to box for 3 round. That will give you some idea of how I have been feeling. I am better today, my appetite has returned and I ate a full breakfast this morning, but I still feel like there is a battle happening within me. So if you are wondering whether to get a flu shot this year or not. GET IT