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I am curious, those of you who use feed readers do you go thru your feed by categories or do you go thru it in one continous stream. Also if you find an article that looks interesting do you read it immediately or save it for later.

Android Not Connecting to Wifi

Last week I started to notice that connecting to websites had gotten slow on my Google Pixel 2 phone and it kept getting worse over time. Finally, yesterday it would not connect at all. At the same time both my iPads connected normally. These are the steps I did in my attempt to get it reconnected. If you are having this problem I recommend reading all steps before proceeding

- Shut Wifi on the phone off and on
- Shut the phone off and on
- Forget Wifi-setting on phone
- Turn the router off and on 
- Factory Reset the phone
- Reset the router

None of the first five steps made a permanent difference. Resetting the router has worked and now my Pixel 2 is now connecting to the internet fine.

Listening to Twenty Thousand Hertz episode #59 Blue! 42! about the sounds of a Professional Football game. Especially the complexity of getting plays from the side line to the quaterback and dealing with crowd noise

My uncle Harry Losey passed away early this morning at around 1:30 AM. In the picture he is second from the left. This picture was taken in the late 60’s or early 70’s of the four Losey brothers and is the last picture of them together. I have not seen my Uncle Harry in over 40 years still I miss him because he has taken a tiny bit of me with him. AF991F0F-EC27-4A0F-BE4E-D4F3B3C77C79.jpg

Surviving the Dust Bowl- A Thought

Last night I was watching Surviving the Dust Bowl an American Experience episode first shown in 1998. It is the story of the almost ten year long drought that hit the southern midwest from the late 1920’s to the late 1930’s which lead to what became to be known as the Dust Bowl. The show interviews men and women who grew up in the Dust Bowl and watched as their parents fought to stay on their land. Watching the espisode reminded me that much of what we complain about today is trivial and overblown and that we have survived much harder times.

My Plumbago Magazine came today 932671AB-E2C0-45A1-85DC-0A3AD627218F.jpg

Ok this is serious, no sweethearts for valentines. And why didn’t anyone tell me about Neccos being gone, a childhood favorite www.fastcompany.com

Brokenhearted about Sweethearts? Try these 6 Valentine alternatives