Just drank: Cinnamon Honey Infused Latte

Anyone else who is using the Spark email client on iPhone ios 13, having the problem where when you swipe from one email to the next you are getting the same email again?

This is very confused soda, it doesnโ€™t know if it is ginger or root beer. The combination is not good, not good at all

Saw the Downton Abbey if you are a fan of the series I recommend it. Takes up where the series left off

Morning All

I have had my iPhone XR for two dayโ€™s now and I am happy with it. The biggest problem I have had is that my JBL Bluetooth speaker I use in the shower will not connect. So l may be getting a new shower speaker.

Plumbago Magazine

A Visualization of the U.S. Economy from 1861-1935. The original story I read was on Kottke. Each time I look at I am finding something different.

Waiting! Waiting for my iPhone Xr to come. Waiting for Arcade on Apple TV to come. Waiting!

Helping Apples Bottom Line

Ok I have finished doing my part to help with Apple’s bottom line. I have been using the Google Pixel the past year, it is a good phone and there is nothing wrong with it and I would recommend it to anyone who is in the Windows world or uses a Chromebook as their main computer. However I have a Mac Mini and an iPad, which made the Google Pixel feel like a third wheel. Plus I know this sounds silly to some people, but I really missed using my Apple Watch. So I decided to go back to an iphone. After deciding that the iPhone Pro was not within my budget. I took a look at the iPhone 11, but I really did not like any of the colors. Because I use a clear case the color would bother me the whole time I had the phone. This left the iPhone XR with its bright colors which I ended up purchasing in bright canary yellow. As I said early I really liked my Apple Watch, but the one I own is a series 2, which I needed to update. I purchased a 40” series 5 Apple Watch with an Alaskan Blue Sports Loop. The iPhone XR will arrive sometime this week and the watch between the 3rd and 7th of October I can’t wait to get both of them.

I liked Neelix

I just finished watching all seven seasons of Star Trek Voyager, using the episode list recommended by @macgenie. I really enjoyed the series and proof of this is there were several nights when I had to tell my self to go to bed, that the show would be there tomorrow. A couple of general thoughts on the series. The first it took awhile for the characters to find themselves and their place, I think this was especially true of Janeway. Second my favorite episodes tended to be ones with a moral question involved. Third I found the final episode disappointing especially the end, which seemed very abrupt. My least favorite character overall was Tom Paris. I liked the Doctor as a character but I thought he was over used at times. Finally I liked Neelix and actually had tears in my eyes when he departed the ship in the Homestead. Below are my eleven favorite episodes in no particular order.

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I forgot how much I liked The Cars, sadly it took the death of the lead singer Ric Ocasek to remind me music.apple.com

Wow!! Great game between Norwich vs Manchester City โšฝ๏ธ

100 Best Notebooks and Notepads 2019 nymag.com I found this ranking interesting, mostly because they ranked some notebooks I never heard of, but they also miss some notebooks I have. Wondering what others think of the rankings

HP 41C Scientific Calculator

I think I’ve walked back from the iPhone pro ledge and back to the land of iPhone 11. Because the practical part of me realizes that I don’t need the pro, however the but I want it part of me may still win. The fight continues.

Apple Eventis on Tuesday and I don’t want to know what is coming. I don’t want to check all the closets and under the bed. I don’t want to shake the boxes and peak under the paper. I want to be surprised on Tuesday.

Jean MacDonald: micro.welltempered.net/2019/09/0… @macgenie it is good to see you smiling. This too will pass and soon you will just have a great tale to tell

inessential: NetNewsWire 5 Feature Requests

Love the update from NetNewsWire. Good job at keeping everyone up to date. @brentsimmons

I am looking for recommendations for a bluetooth keyboard that can easily switch from one device to another, ie from iPad to Mac and back. So I can stop playing the switching keyboard games

Wondering if anyone who is using Overcast having a problem with it just stopping playing and if you have had the problem, do you know a fix

Banchan (Korean Side Dishes) and Ojiinguh Dolsot Bimbimbap from Seoul Kitchen

Replacing Monitor Time

I had one of those, oh no not this! moments this morning when I turned on my monitor and nothing. I could see a notification in the corner, but the rest of the screen was dark grey. Fortunately switching to a different HDMI input seemed to fix the problem. However it is a reminder it is time start looking into replacing my monitor. The fact it also has a DVI connection available, maybe another sign. Now comes the research to find the best monitor at a reasonable price.

Pork and Tomatillos ๐ŸŒฎ

I realized as I was making dinner for this evening, that the bunch of cilantro I grabbed was actually a bunch of parsley.